About SECyTA

SECyTA was founded in April of 2001 in order to substitute the Group of Chromatography and Related Techniques (GCTA) of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry.

In accordance with its regulations, the aims of SECyTA are the promotion, fomentation and diffusion of the knowledgement, progress and application of chromatography and other separation techniques in all their fields and applications. SECyTA also advises to institutions and firms interested in the matter of scientific and educational field.

For the fulfilment of its aims, SECyTA can:

  • Organise meetings, courses, conferences and congresses for the exhibition and discussion of scientific, technologic or applied contributions, as well as organise those educational or recreational activities required by the members.
  • Publish and distribute all appropriate publications.
  • Stablish commissions, committees and groups of study and work.
  • Co-operate with similar scientific societies and international institutions adjacent or involved in the development of any aspect of chromatography and the separation techniques and their applications